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Welcome! I'm Kristen Thomas. I have been an active Agent since 2009 and I'm happy to offer you my experience and integrity.

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Stable Plans. Solid Coverage. PPO-Networks.

If you are…

  • Relatively Healthy (no cancer within 10 years. No diabetes, heart attack, stroke, fibromyalgia)
  • Looking for new coverage for any reason at all. 

I have great news for You! YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE  for a medically underwritten plan. This is a great way to find Affordable, Stable, Private Health Coverage that you can keep for years!

  • Most of my clients renew for multiple years because I provide them with a solid & stable plan; a reasonable premium and a giant PPO network.
  • Can you imagine not having to re-shop for new coverage every year?
  • I work with a nationwide team of Insurance Agents. This way I'm always offering you the best non-Obama options available, no matter where you live!

Buried in HMO and EPO Options with NO PPOs? Well, No Longer!

Here Is What I Have For YOU….

  • PPO Networks Only. This means you can Keep your doctors and have Nationwide In-Network coverage.
  • Avoid the HUGE ANNUAL Rate Increases. I can protect you from rate increases for up to 36 months!
  • Unlimited Catastrophic Coverage with reasonable Individual Deductible
  • Basic Coverage for office visits and simple things without being required to first meet a deductible
  • Significantly Lower your monthly premiums vs. full-cost ACA plans
  • Options available year-round; Custom built for you!


One of the most frustrating things today is shopping health insurance. Now we're forced to do it twice a year in many cases. Let me help you find a plan that you can keep for years to come. Something that's going to promise you in writing that you're not going to get a rate increase for over a year and up to 3 years!

I can help put you in a stable plan. Give me a call and let's get started.

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