Free 2018 plan comparison offer....

As a Professional with a network of plans across the Nation, call me BEFORE you sign up for ANYHING. Let's compare .

Your 2018 - Plan custom built

Stable Plans. Solid Coverage. PPO-Networks.

If you are…

  • Relatively Healthy (no cancer within 10 years. No diabetes, heart attack, stroke, fibromyalgia)
  • Looking for new coverage for any reason at all. 

I have great news for You! YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE  for a medically underwritten plan. This is a great way to find Affordable, Stable, Private Health Coverage that you can keep for years!

  • Most of my clients renew for multiple years because I provide them with a solid & stable plan; a reasonable premium and a giant PPO network.
  • Can you imagine not having to re-shop for new coverage every year?
  • I work with a nationwide team of Insurance Agents. This way I'm always offering you the best non-Obama options available, no matter where you live!

Here Is What I Have For YOU….

  • PPO Networks Options. This means you can Keep your doctors and have Nationwide In-Network coverage.
  • Avoid the HUGE ANNUAL Rate Increases. I can protect you from rate increases for up to 36 months!
  • Unlimited Catastrophic Coverage with reasonable Individual Deductible
  • Basic Coverage for office visits and simple things without being required to first meet a deductible
  • Significantly Lower your monthly premiums vs. full-cost ACA plans
  • Options available year-round; Custom built for you!

Stay Far Away From the Obama Care vs. Trump Care Nightmare!!!

One of the most frustrating things today is shopping health insurance. Now we're forced to do it twice a year in many cases due to Insurance Companies cancelling plans or hitting hard with huge rate increases.

Let me help you find a plan that you can keep for years to come. Something that's not going to be affected no matter what Congress does or does not do.

I can help put you in a stable plan. Give me a call and let's get started.